For years Career Center Inc. has assisted our clients in managing the tough task of facing employee cutbacks. As a result of our experience we have designed an outplacement program that can be customized to meet your unique needs. The program includes:    

I.  INITIAL CONSULTATION WITH THE EMPLOYEE (our office or by telephone)
a.  Few find out what is important to them
b.  Current job market realities
c.  Obtain information needed to write a resume
d.  Personalized career counseling
e.  Two-minute pitch
f.  Job targets - in order to customize their cover letter

a.  Draft of resume sent to candidate for their review
b.  Draft of three "customized" cover letters will also be sent
c.  Upon receipt of their approval, twenty-five copies of their resume will be mailed to  them along with sample cover letters

III.  MOCK INTERVIEWING/SKILL TESTING    (in office or by telephone)         
a.  How to answer the most common interviewing questions
b.  Most effective questions to ask during an interview
c.  How to explain your recent lay-off
d.  The best way to negotiate the highest salary
e.  Effective ways to follow-up after interviews
f.  The most difficult interview questions

This is the most important piece of our program!
a.  Step by step plan to help them find new employment
b.  Ace out their competition on interviews
c.  If their job search is not working, where can they re-direct their talents
d.  Also they will learn how to research companies, effectively network and properly fill out employment applications
e.  They will receive expert advice and guidance to keep your search progressing

For more information contact our office at (908) 687-7007 or you can email our General Manager, Nick Malefyt, at

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